Minion Dave

Minion Dave

Minion Dave Talking Action Figure

Minion Dave is has moving eyes, moving eyelids, durable, well built, and contains actual minion “speak” from the movie. Minion Dave’s special mode is “banana mode” where he … well, farts. Press on his tongue to use this mode, and Minion Dave says, “banana”, after which he’ll happily rip a big one the next time you push his pocket or move his head.

Kids still not laughing hard enough? Just press his tongue two times in a row to enter “super banana mode” at which point he will ll let it rip even louder and longer. Also, he has 55 different sayings and noises that have been faithfully produced from the actual Dave character in the movies.

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Minion Dave

Minion Dave is one of three talking minions available from the Despicable Me 2 toy line-up. All three minions (Minion Dave, Minion Stuart, and Minion Tim) have a special mode unique to each figure.

All of the minions’ voices and sayings are unique, so you won’t be getting any recycled sound bites if you own all three. Which, of course, makes owning all three that much harder to resist.

Minion Dave is 8″ tall, the same height as Minion Stuart. Minion Tim is taller at 10″. The facial expressions which are possible with this model, the high-quality audio recordings, and the soft-touch skin that so faithfully reproduces the look of the character in the movies all come together to make this figure a must-have for any fan of Despicable Me and its minions.

The skin is made of soft rubber and is flexible when you move it around while its eyes move left and right, open and close. Press his pocket to hear Dave talk with funny expressions. Press his pocket again or move his head for another response/expression. His arms and legs are able to be posed. He has 55 different sayings/sounds. When you move his head, the eyes move correspondingly.

If you put a finger in his mouth, he thinks you’re feeding him a banana and goes into “Banana Mode”. His eyes move / close as you turn his head to a side and farts after “eating a banana”!

It has original voices and wide varieties of the content. Press his pocket or move his head to hear him make a farting sound “Feed” him more than once to hear super fart sounds. Dave talks in minion gibberish when you hold his head down on any side or if you press the button on his suspenders.

Dave is the favourite of the 2 as he has the banana and fart noises when you press the back of his mouth. It is for ages 4 and up.

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